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  • A Green Environment Equals Green Jobs
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    When most of us here the word "Green", we think of care for the environment, or recycling, right? Well that is only part of its description that we are referring to in this article. "Green Jobs" are jobs that are considered to be green-collar positions that help protect ecosystems and bio-diversity,...
  • Nail your dream job in five steps.
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    Little time to prepare? – No problem; we’ve done
    the research for you. Pursuing your dream job is a big step, so get the
    ultimate start by using these best practices for success. 

    1. Attitude - When was the last
    time you heard that someone negative actually had something work out...

  • Author I recall one night many years ago I had to attend a bachelorette party for someone who was more of an acquaintance than a close friend; somehow I had gotten tied up in the affair and had to go out to celebrate her upcoming wedding.  Being the dutiful trooper I am...
  • For full-time OR freelance ?...
  • Author My eyes stared on the white board, when our HR manger simply told us the company was downsizing, and we were given three months to look for other suitable positions.

    Dumbstruck by the situation, I had forgotten, what my true skill sets were. I had given the company my 10...
  • Canada Calling !
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    This article will help you prioritize the many situations you will face when moving to Canada:First finding a place to live; obtaining medical insurance; obtaining a Social Insurance Number; obtaining a driver's license; and enrolling the kids or yourself in school.

    After those basics, you will still face...