Becoming a member
You can gain access instantly if your company is on our approved list of employers. If not, no sweat! Contact us to get immediate access. You can also get a free trial account to test our employers membership account.

Understanding views

Follow instructions and select a package that best describes you. Once your payment is completed you can then log in to your Employers account by using your email address and password. You can then click on the "My Account" link where you can get statistics regarding your account, which would consists of click views left and number of days remaining, here is an example: " Views Left = 500" and "Days Left = 14". You would also have the option to add candidates to your "Favorites", so that their resumes can be saved and accessed anytime in the future with no expiration.

If a Candidate is added to to your favorites, that action would be counted as 1 view and if you searched for a candidate and viewed their resumes, that would also be counted as 1 view. Your account is limited to saving 500 candidates in 24 hours. Applicants that have applied to your job posting are saved automatically in your account under the "Applicants" section.

How to view resumes and interview
The search results would typically consist of a resume SnapShots view of the Candidates profiles. You can now view a complete resumes as well as send these Candidates to the interview room. Once prospective Candidates are successfully added to the interview room, you can contact in bulk or individually send them questions. The interviewed Candidates profiles would then be moved on to your "Message" section where they would remain for any future communication.

Full Access
If access to your account is not instant and has limited use. We would need to verify your company information prior to giving you access only if you are not on approved list of employers. Contact us to add your company to our list. Click here to e-mail your request.

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