Frequently Asked Questions

Does the candidate have any choice in the positions or companies put forth by your Middle East contacts?

Candidates have the right to accept or decline any offers and are not penalized in any way. Candidates can also send us names of companies they would be interested to pursue employment with and our marketing personnel would process this request immediately. We are actively seeking new employers on a daily basis to fulfill the demands of our candidates. You may decline multiple offers presented to you as long as you are a member. You do have a say on how much of a minimum salary you would accept.
How does the recruitment process work long distance?

The employers would get in touch with you directly and this is very typical of an online recruitment process. Since Jobs In Dubai is the only 100% non traditional online recruitment company currently in Dubai where the employers would contact you via email or phone call, we have had both instances with candidates in the past. If you are required to fly down to meet with the prospective employer, please make sure there is an understanding between both parties when it comes to covering travel expenses. You must try to get a faxed agreement (proof) if the employer is covering your travel expenses for an interview. A visit visa is issued for Canadian, US or European citizens on arrival, but other countries may require a visa prior to arrival. Check with your local embassy or travel agent.
Under any circumstances, is it possible for the terms of the contract (e.g. salary, length of contract) to CHANGE once an individual leaves their home country and arrives in Dubai? If so, can an individual refuse to work for the employer without being penalized?

There are no penalties for not accepting employment in the Middle East, but you would have to re-apply for employment in order stay in that country legally. Time frame for a visitation visa is 2 months for Canadian, U.S. and most European citizens.
What is the maximum length of maternity leave?

Regular maternity leave ranges from 45 - 60 days, but employees can negotiate leave with management. There are talks about increasing maternity leave period.
I want to visit home while I'm working in Dubai. Do employers pay for airfare to and from Dubai?

The usual employment package includes 30 days paid vacation, there usually is travel included to your place of citizenship which includes 1 annual return for you and could include air fare for your immediate family. The airfare may be offered once a year or once every other year.
What are the food (i.e. grocery) and clothing costs, compared to North America or Europe?

Living costs are generally lower than in North America. Clothing is similar to North America, with choices from various designers but this is part of the voyage of discovery in a new city! Dubai is known as a 'Shoppers Paradise'.
Are the jobs generally permanent or contract? If they are contract, how long is the contract period?

Jobs are generally permanent but contract positions are not uncommon. The usual contract period is 1 year with either a 3 or 6 month probationary period.
At any point will there be a person with whom we can speak with on the phone or is it all done online?

The best, and the most effective way to get in touch with us is by using the "Message Us" feature on your profile, you can also reach us via e-mail If you would like to speak to someone you can call the numbers listed on our website in both Canada and Dubai during normal office hours for those countries. Due to the large volume of calls we receive every day, we are unable to respond back to every enquiry. Questions relating to personal information on file and calls about information not available on our web site will be answered as priority items.
What does Health Coverage include?

Most companies have their own health plans, and there is also government health care available to all individuals with an annual fee. Health coverage includes regular physician visits and hospitalization costs. Check out the specific information in our handy Q&A Information section that tells you more about the region and what is involved in living in the Middle East. Click Here
How do I update my resume or make changes to my information on the database?

You can edit your resume at any time by logging in to your profile with your file #.