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Job Description

We are looking for a Business Unit Head for Dubai, would be responsible for Buisness P&L. Essential Skills :
Ability to manage Biz and deliver profits. Ability to manage Biz partners and Key customer relationship. Ability to build/ manage a team of min 15 profesionals. Ability to steer the team to delvier profitable Biz. Medical technology Knowledge and experience. Domain expertise in Healthcare Biz in UAE and neighbouring countries.

The Candidate is responsible for managing customer relationship to achieve Biz goals. He will be primarily responsible for running a profitable biz unit. He will be responsible for buidling/ managing a team of sales and service professionals. . The candidate should manage Principal partner relationship effectively to build a warm relationship to facilitate achieving Biz goals.The candidate should have adequate knowledge about Health care Biz in UAE and neighbouring countries. He should have adeqaute experience in managing a team of min 15 proessionals. He should have managed a biz unit of min 10 to 20 mln Dhms annual turnover. He should have demonstrated key customer management in his career. Preferable experience - IMG (Ultrasound / Xray / DR) and/or Critical Care segment (Ventilators/ monitors/ OR).