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Job Description

Must be able to operate upvc fanrication machineries for making doors/windows.
1. Coordinate and design projects with designer/draftsperson utilizing the necessary Engineering computers, copy machines and equipment.
2. Coordinate with operations personnel as needed for system plant corrections.
3. Coordinate prepare and assist in the development of Capital Authorization Forms.
4. Prepare preliminary cost estimates for projects as required by the Commercial Development department and any other departments.
5. Monitor and control construction by in-house or outside contractors, reporting problems or breakdowns to appropriate Comcast of contractor supervisor immediately upon discovering problems.
6. Develop and monitor quality and quantity assurance programs.
7. Receive and review the accuracy of bids for capital and expense projects and make recommendations based upon a well-conceived project management plan.
8. Receive and review the accuracy of contractors invoicing.
9. Coordinate construction projects with utility personnel, customers, contractors and governmental officials insuring that there is a clear set of guidelines establishing a free flow of communications among all participants.
10. Utilize information systems, which assure appropriate feedback as the work progresses.
11. Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with fellow employees and management.
12. Supervise activities of employees (i.e. scheduling time off, filling in for absent employees and performing other duties within group during peak hours and fluctuating workloads.
13. Make recommendations in hiring and/or performance review process for employees, employee groups or contractors.
14. Assign specific duties to construction personnel during work in progress.
15. Includes, but not limited to: strand mapping, pole line and underground surveys, supervision of contractors, attending meetings with engineering firms, utilities, and developed governmental agencies.
16. Following up on recording any and all changes to coax and fiber plans, etc.
17. Meet with design, engineering, operations and commercial development personnel to assign work and materials in accordance with a well-developed plan.