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Job Description

1. As a radiologist, you'll examine various types of images, including x-rays, computer tomography (CT) scans, mammograms, ultrasounds, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.
2. You might operate the machinery used to collect these images, though this task is often delegated to radiology technologists.
3. Radiologists also occasionally monitor imaging sessions run by radiologic technologists and technicians. Patients' primary doctors often consult with radiologists on results of imaging procedures.
4. In such cases, you may be responsible for recommending courses of treatment or suggesting that additional images be taken.
5. You may also administer nuclear medicine, oncology, or other radiation techniques to treat patients with illnesses or diseases.
6. In addition, you'll perform many of the same duties as a general physician, such as examining patients, recording medical histories, and prescribing medications.
7. Administers radiopaque substances by injection, orally, or as enemas in order to view organs using x-ray films or fluoroscopic screens, for example.
8. Examines patients, obtains medical history, diagnoses illnesses based on imaging and related tests, and recommends additional exams or treatment plans.

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