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Job Description

Orthopedic technicians work directly with orthopedic doctors and surgeons in the treatment of bone and joint injuries. Principally, orthopedic technology involves the application and removal of casts, splints and braces; however, an orthopedic technician must also work with and instruct patients in caring for their injuries, understand and adjust traction equipment, and be able to adjust crutches, walkers and other aids and provide instructions to patients in their use. Some orthopedic technicians also assist orthopedic surgeons in the operating room, in the setting of broken bones and the fitting of prosthetic limbs. The National Board for Certification of Orthopedic Technologists (NBCOT) and the National Association of Orthopedic Technologists (NAOT) are attempting to standardize testing and certification for the profession under the job title of orthopedic technologist. However, other training programs are available, which use the name orthopedic technician.