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Their business opportunity
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Your Edmark Distributors presents :

The Edmark Double Bonus Marketing Plan consists of both the Point
Sharing System and the Block System. Thus, giving maximum benefits and

There are 9 great bonuses in the marketing plan:

1. Retail Profit 15-25%
2. Performance Bonus (Accumulative) 20%
3. Manager Bonus 14%
4. Achievement Bonus 3%
5. Leadership Bonus 25%
(Income potential from the 2nd level downwards is unlimited)
6. Traveling Fund 2%7. Year-End Bonus 2%
8. Car Fund 3%
9. House Fund 2%

All in all, the total pay out is 71%. This is one of the highest pay-outs in the
industry today. In addition, there is a special free products redemption
voucher. The qualifiers get free company products equivalent to the value of
10% of the sales volume.

This is the path to financial freedom. Where your yearly income can
become your monthly income.