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Job Description


? Provide high quality teaching and learning support to their students and conduct sound competency assessment within their discipline.
? Provide administrative, promotional and other support to ensure the effective functioning of the Institute.


Responsible for planning, managing and improving the learning of their own students, working with other team members.
In collaboration with Lead Teachers to implement and continually improve curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment strategies.
To manage the learning of the students, maintaining records, collaborating with other teachers and promoting staff development in a pro-active manner.
Responsible for planning and participating in professional development opportunities to further their own knowledge, skills and abilities.
To manage all facilities and activities related to achieve student learning.
To play a leadership role in role-modeling behavior, attitudes, and learning behaviors for students.
Responsible for achieving the set learning outcomes in students, and therefore supervise all student activities and processes to ensure outcomes.
To develop and maintain teaching materials and assist with program quality assurance processes.
Teachers liaise with Student Counselors, as required. Communicate progress and performance to students and school management/administration


Teachers are accountable to Head Teachers for:
teaching and assessing students;
developing teaching and assessment resources;
maintaining student and course records; and
Advising any issues relating to students.


5 years of full time teaching experience with 3 years in high school level.
Experience in the Gulf region is an advantage.


Master or at least Bachelors in the specific field of teaching
Science teacher with specific subject of Chemistry and Biology

Compensation package includes: Attractive tax-free salary plus benefits like Accommodation Allowance, Relocation Allowance, Health Insurance, vacation with return air tickets, etc.

Salary package is structured base on your qualification and experience, it can be discuss and negotiable during the final interview.