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Job Description

Our Client, U Concept is an exclusive, hip style boutique gymnasium. A personal training centre whose sole purpose is: one to one personal exercise training, Pilates, yoga, physical therapy, on site massage and nutritional advice. U Concept centre is located at The Village Mall, Beach Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

They are seeking to hire the services of a Personal Trainer/Sports Therapist.

The position would involve a person of confidence, initiative, creativity and humour!

The main objective of this position would be to assist the manager in the setting up, maintaining and developing the running of U Concept, as well as training clients, including:
Ensuring professional service production and its quality,
Ensuring customer care,
Training clients:- fitness testing, specific and functional program prescription, personal training ("one to one" or small group), circuits, corporate training, sports massage, stretching etc and its administration- "in-house" and "outhouse",
Involvement in workshops / demonstrations / lectures / articles / creating written matter for clients and the company,
Involvement with clients inquiries, complaints etc.
Involvement with basic marketing of the services of U Concept (promoting all services),
To aid in developing existing and new business strategies for U Concept,
Involvement in team meetings to develop existing and new business strategies for U Concept.


Posted By U Concept