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Job Description


As a Multimedia Designer / Artist, you are expected to combine graphic design with animation to create the overall look and feel of a wide range of interactive communication products. Using text, data, graphics, sound, animation and other digital and visual effects, you may on projects such as graphics and animations found in web pages, presentations, television adverts, computer games and films.

Roles + Responsibilities

• Design creative and efficient graphics and animations
• Must advise on what is technically possible and produce a proposal including, for example, the range and scope of the work and realistic timescales and costs
• Prepare rough designs for approval before making the final presentation
• Design animated menus to make more business and also design hypertext links
• Writing codes and checking the functionality of the whole product
• Use multimedia software packages and standard graphics
• Create images to be edited, colored, scanned, textured and animated by the computer software
• Design briefing brochures, web pages, multimedia presentations, promotional products and other computer artworks
• Create special effects as requested by the client
• Should understand the client’s budget constraints
• Must be able to complete projects on or before deadlines

Skills + Experience

• Excellent visual communication skills to present ideas and information in a multimedia context combined with excellent IT and programming skills
• Exceptional creative flair and an innovative approach to all design projects
• Excellent organizational, time and project management skills
• Accuracy and attention to detail
• An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment
• Proven competence in design and image manipulation software
• Teamwork skills because most projects require input
from individuals with different roles
• Self-development skills to keep-up-to-date with fast-changing trends
• Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines