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Job Description

Reporting to the Laboratory Specialist, the Laboratory Assistant works as the only Laboratory Assistant in the specimen processing/receiving area of the Laboratory and works to maintain a consistent flow of laboratory samples and reports in and out of the Laboratory; The Laboratory consists of One (1) Laboratory Specialist, One (1) Laboratory Technologist, and One (1) Laboratory Assistant. In addition to providing laboratory services to the Facility, the Laboratory Assistant provides services to the Region. The Laboratory Assistant provides services to 20 outpatients daily, ranging from low to high risk, handles and sorts 40-50 referred in laboratory samples daily and prepares for transport to a southern laboratory 100 referred out samples? four times a week.

The Laboratory Assistant collects laboratory samples, sorts and distributes biological samples collected within the Centre using established standards of practice and adhering to established International Dangerous Goods Regulations. The incumbent accesses a computerized database of patient files to enable the distribution and tracking of patient results/reports, assists the Specialist in maintaining and ordering inventory required for the collection of biological samples, disinfects Laboratory work areas using appropriate chemical agents and provides training to new Laboratory staff.

salary 6000 SED per month

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