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Job Description

Responsible for managing the execution, direction, and coordination of all transportation matters within the organisation. This includes managing budgets, organising schedules & routes, ensuring that vehicles are safe and meet legal requirements, and making sure that drivers are aware of their duties. Job Discription: 1. Meet On Time Delivery (OTD) requirements and follow on discrepancies with suppliers and Customer Service 2. Communicate effectively: liaising with clients, couriers and other operational departments 3. Receives products and coordinates delivery 4. Monitoring the Driver & Masters planned work (if delivered or if they reached on their specific time) outside the office 5. Ensure to dispatch all company drivers on timely basis by scheduling the work in advance 6. Ensure to track routes to assure on time deliveries 7. Review and arrange all transportation paperwork inclusive of driver logs, Dos, trip reports and invoices 8. Amends and revises programs as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes that occur in the work environment. 9. Arranging the work of the 5 drivers for the next day (deliveries as per the scheduling, Measurement & Trial as per the Sales requirement, collections of cheques as per the Accounts requirement & collection and sourcing of fabrics and readymade items as per the requirement) Prepare accurate reports for upper management 10. Taking all the handover of all the details of their finish work (Included Deliveries, MS & Trails Done) 11. Supporting Operation team, Obeying and Completing Tasks given by Department Head 12. Maintain inventory status of the store 13. Keep records of items shipped, received, or transferred to another location

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