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Job Description

Assist units to ensure the streamlined operation of projects through proper planning, budgeting, standardizing, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, cost control, and management within budgets.Work with consultants, contractors, Bank?s related support units and Local Authorities to achieve bank?s requirements and also for necessary renovations, additions and alterations, relocations etc. in the best effective and efficient way in time, cost, quality and safety as per the local rules.Learn the latest practices related to projects management. [ads1] Job Responsibilities ? Attend the meetings, monitor and report on the progress of the projects. ? Review and check contractor payments. ? All the above accountabilities includes but not limited to any additional/new tasks or responsibilities assigned by the line Manager. ? Monitor and control work of the projects continuously for running towards right directions and completion on time with in approved budget in most cost effective and quality.

Posted By Dubai bank