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Job Description

Main Duties:
 Responsible for all assigned functions for import shipments
 Ensure a 100% level of compliance with any related government agencies, which have functions of enforcement or compliance responsibilities, related to importing
 Confirmation on copies of documents from Supplier
 Coordination and collection of original documents from Bank.
 Creating FIRS in system ,registration of items, getting preapprovals from municipality
 Arranging payments for clearing agent for shipments and settlement on the same by coordinating with clearing agent.
 Follow up with clearing agent for collection of documents and DO collection from shipping line.
 Apply for duty exceptions online
 Coordinate with Transporter and our logistics for the timely deliveries of consignment from port to our warehouse.
 Maintain quality service, high level of expertise in all areas of government?s regulations including data entry and invoice process and document reviews
 On any DIP cases the originals need to be collected from clearing agent and need to submit to Municipality for clearance
 Need to make the payment online with Municipality to submit DIP request in order to arrange for the inspection.
 Need to arrange for the samples and follow up for the final release from Municipality.
 Coordinate any necessary surface transportation from airports or pier to make sure that delivery has been completed
 Receive, review, and process import documentation for each shipment accurately, thoroughly, efficiently and performing all functions within a strict time frame.
Administrative Duties
 Import documentation
 Time Management
 Sap
Related Procedures:
 Import Procedures
 Suppliers data and related enquiries
 Regional import procedures/guidelines
 Supplier Coordination

Posted By Alfuttaim