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Job Description


The objective of the post is to participate in the overall work of the Centre in providing a comprehensive therapy service for the children and the parents, both within the Centre and at home.

The physiotherapist is to work under the guidance of the Senior Physiotherapist but is accountable to the Director.


1. To work as part of an interdisciplinary team with all relevant members of staff, in assessments, objective setting, programme writing and monitoring.

2. To perform an initial assessment ( for a given school year) with baseline measurements for each child on the timetable. Provide reccommendations for adapted equipment, assistive devices, splinting.

3. To guide and direct the therapist assistants in their day-to-day work within the Centre as required.

4. To be responsible for the training programme for physical therapy assistants and other staff as is appropriate.

5. Assessments of students as a pre-requisite to formulating IEP goals and objectives.

6. To work with other staff in integrating teaching and therapy.

7. To work with other stuff in developing individual and group programmes to achieve agreed objectives.

8. To share in and take responsibility for planning and leading group programmes as required from time to time.

9. Liaising with staff in the planning, execution, monitoring and adaptation of programmes as appropriate.

10. Involvement in classroom based activities as considered appropriate to the objectives.

11. To recommend, design and adapt equipment and modification of premises as required at the Centre and at home.

12. To ensure the appropriateness, proper use, safety, hygiene and aesthetic condition of equipment.

12. Under the direction of the Director, liaise with local hospitals and medical establishments regarding splints, shoes, etc, and the furtherance of the objectives of the Centre.

13. To manage the students under his/her care and take all the necessary precautions for their safety and well being.

14. To help maintain the safety and security of the Centre and those using it.

15. To meet with parents at the Centre and to make home visits, as appropriate with the Senior occupational Therapist and Senior Physiotherapist.

16. To keep records of work carried out and to write reports for each IEP meeting.

17. To take part in, and contribute to the staff training programmes.

18. To participate in extra-curricular activities limited to the purpose of the Centre from time to time.

19. Such other duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Director.

20. To provide a tracking data to monitor the efficacy of treatment

21. To provide medical reports for Doctor's appointments.

Professional Development:

22. To attend inservices within the center and seek external continuing education resources.

23. Provide inservcing to individual staff memebers, parents and/or the entire staff.

Extracurriculum involvement:

23. As and when required, attend/support center related functions outside of the regular school hours.