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Job Description


1. The family cars may not be used for personal purposes unless specifically requested.
2. Any speeding or parking fines attributed to the driver will be paid for by the driver.
3. Anytime the driver is driving the car he must be clean, well dressed and well rested.

Payment and benefits package:

1. Driver will be paid 1500 Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED) per month to start. Paid cash with no deductions for tax ect.
2. Furnished bedroom provided with ensuite bathroom/shower and small cooking area.
3. Driver can use household clothes washing facilities.
4. Driving course in order to get UAE licence will be paid by employer.
5. Permanent VISA to be paid by employer.
6. Flight out to be paid by employer.
7. One annual flight home to be paid by employer.
8. 28 days paid vacation per year
9. If required to work on a day off 100 AED will be paid for full day and 50 AED paid for a half day.
10. Work is six days per week. Day off is on Friday.
11. Annual pay review with pay rise to encourage long service.
12. Uniforms paid for by employer.
13. Any medical bills that arise as a result of non work related injury or sickness will be paid for by the driver.
14. Driver must buy his own food.
15. If the employee to released or let go then one month wages paid for each full year of service when the employee returns home. This is called the gratuity. No ban will be given and the employee can go and work for someone else. If the employee quits then only two weeks wages are paid for each full year of employment and a one year ban will be imposed from work in the UAE.

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