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Job Description

1. You will provide medical patient care by interviewing, examining and treating of clinical patients in order to meet their medical needs
2. You will educate patients on wellness, prevention and early detection by providing materials and resources to the patients and families
3. You will determine which referrals are required based on examination and patient needs
4. You will determine level of urgency of follow-up, referral/consultation appointments
5. You will exercise final medical judgment in all issues of health care
6. You should be able to prescribe medical treatment and clinical drugs to patients
7. You will order studies, test and ancillary services
8. You should be able to see reviews on a regular basis long term cases that require ongoing medical attention
9. You will be overseeing mid-level medical staff as assigned as well as nursing clinical staff
10. You will be assisting in the resolution of complaints, requests and inquiries from patients
11. You will maintain confidentiality of all patient information according to federal guidelines and regulations