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Job Description

1. Management of medical disorders affecting vision, such as inflammatory, vascular, neurological and genetic disorders, thyroid eye disease, diabetes and strokes, by using an holistic approach (treatment of the whole patient), not just focusing on the eye
2. Management of ophthalmic conditions, taking into account both medical and psychological aspects of patient care.
3. Managing busy general out-patient clinics, emergency eye clinics and specialist clinics.
4. Ward rounds, but this is limited as most ophthalmic patients have day surgery and do not stay in hospital overnight.
5. Operating equipment such as an ophthalmoscope and a slit lamp and lens.
6. Carrying out surgical procedures that include using an operating microscope, small incision (keyhole) surgery and laser surgery.
7. Making high level and judgments, due to the complexities of ophthalmic conditions;
8. Communicating and empathizing with patients and family members.
9. Educating patients to understand their medical condition.
10. Working well as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes optometrists, orthoptists and nurses.
11. Handling legal documentation for certification of patients as blind or partially sighted.
12. Supporting health promotion and disease prevention activities.