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Job Description

Job Duties:-

1. Preheats and cleans metals; lays out, cuts, and fits materials for welding; selects proper welding heat and proper type and size of electrodes for correct penetration and strength of welded metals.

2. Does cutting and welding on such machinery and equipment as truck and automobile bodies, piping, pump and engine parts, trailer parts, heavy construction equipment and parts, and similar machinery and apparatus.

3. Does flat, vertical, and horizontal welding; brazes, solders, and coats nonferrous metals; inspects, brushes, and grinds welds.

4. Drives truck and tows portable welder and acetylene burning-welding equipment to outside construction jobs.

5. Cuts down boilers and ties on to steam lines; repairs and installs pumps; repairs and installs dishwashers and garbage disposers.

6. Does blacksmithing, such as manufacturing eye bolts, braces, angle brackets, and similar items; adds metal to tools and parts.

7. Maintains and makes minor repairs to welding equipment.

8. Performs related work as required.

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