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Hiring Now: Lead Process Engineer in UAE Remuneration:An attractive salary and benefits package.

Sales Assistant

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Assists the sales team by setting monthly goals. Takes the team lead to meet sales goals as provided...


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Biomedical EngineerBiomedical engineers work with a combination of biology, medicine and engineering...

Engineering Manager

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Planning and forecasting duties,Industry knowledge,Organizational duties,Coordination duties,Reporti...

Mechanical Engineer

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Sr. Mechanical Engineer (Static) .-Able to size vessels /tanks and check the vessel/ tank sizing cal...

Project Manager

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Salary: Minimum of $19,500 depending on the emlpoyees qualification and experience.Years of Experien...

General Manager

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1. Planning administration Provide leadership and vision to the organization by assisting the Board...


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Attending Phone calls , arranging meetings , book keeping, writing meeting reports , exchange emails...

Sales Manager Oil And Gas

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Our sales manager are always in the office,taking care of the office work to ensure there is progres...

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