Employer Testimonials

RAK Technical Management Consultancy

I would like to place on record that the time I got introduced to Jobs In Dubai (JID) till date, I feel like it is my own business family working for RAKTMC. The quality of service and timely responses are exemplary. The Dubai Office staff are very professional, polite, friendly and understand their Client's temperament.

I have been in constant touch with JID officials giving my advices to enhance their system to be more User Friendly and it's my pleasure that JID has accepted them and as I understand working on developments in their Canada office.

I am sure, their approach and the development of nexus between the Employer and Job Seekers will give them edge over other competitors.

I will have no hesitation in using JID again and again in the future and will always recommend JID to Job Seekers."

Ali Sarguro
Managing Director
RAK Technical Management Consultancy

Amanah xData

"By far, JID has done an excellent job in understanding our business and our recruitment needs. They do not only supply the best candidates the market has but are also very professional in the way they handle their customers. I commend them for being good at what they do."

Faisal Al-Wahaibi
General Manager.


It is a pleasure interacting with professional firm with professional people like you and JID team.

You along with your team does exactly give which I say in my words "5 Star Service" I do strongly recommend and suggest my colleagues and associates in other industries to use the services of Jobs In Dubai.

In a short period of time, you have well deserved, earned the name and fame which rightly goes for your excellent services. We wish JID Team all the Best for future endeavors and may it reach higher success of achievements.

With kind regards & good wishes"

O. S.
HR Manager - Lower Gulf
Axiom Telecom LLC

LMG Group

"Dear JID, I found that "Jobs in Dubai" is really useful and I had the best appointment through your company. Thanks"

Usama M.
Finance Director
LMG Group

Mena Business Services

"Mena Business Services are totally satisfied with the services provided by Jobs in Dubai and are particularly impressed with the logic, professionalism and interactivity of the website.

We have been very impressed with quality of candidates we have received from this source and will continue to use Jobs in Dubai for our further recruitment needs."

Faisal Al-Wahaibi
General Manager.

Gulf Computers

"I am writing to thank you for your excellent work. I am delighted with the professional and friendly service provided by JID and will have no hesitation using you again in the future and recommending you to any of my colleagues. I found the quality of service that I received from everyone to be far superior to any other agents that I dealt with"


Candidate Testimonials


Thank you Jobsindubai.com for the phenomenal engine you have created for people like me to zero in on prospective Employers. It gives a comprehensive and user-friendly avenue to channel one's credentials with full knowledge that the effort will not go unnoticed. The anticipation of accomplishing the dream job is so real. This is the only site that gives the opportunity to monitor the application on a daily basis and keep yourself updated on the progress. Apart from all this, your personal attent

Even as a UAE National I was having trouble getting contacts from agencies. I had no feed back on my resume and did not know how to have my resume tailored to job postings. I am thankful to JID for getting me connected to a company that was right for me. Your service is quick and excellent!

I am a Gold Member and very thankful to JID for their continuous support in helping me finding a job as well as assisting me in settling down in Dubai. Your services are excellent and highly recommendable.

I thank JID for assisting me in my visa process and connecting me to the right people for residence help and work permit, making my entire experience in Dubai very pleasant as well as good advice on networking with people from my industry.

JID's career counseling has helped me very much in deciding the right industry to work for in Dubai . I thank them for their feedback and tips on my resume as well as making my skills marketable for companies in the UAE. I now have more employers contacting me for jobs than ever before.

Thank you JID for helping me in my career move to Dubai. Your advice has been really helpful and your referrals were great. I would strongly recommend JID.

I have recommended Jobs In Dubai to all my friends and family. They have helped me to get my first employment break after my graduation.

JID's career counseling has helped me in deciding the right industry to work for in Dubai. I thank them for their counseling on my resume and making it attractive for employers. I now have more employers contacting me for jobs than ever before. Thank you!

I like it how JID works with you in your job search and makes it look so simple. Your Gold Membership is very effective. Thank you for placing me successfully. Your recruitment consultants were prompt and friendly in assisting me.

Gold Member Testimonials

Mohammad Siddiqui

Thank you Jobs In Dubai for all the assistance you have given me so far. It was instrumental in helping me put together a resume in the Middle Eastern Layout to attract potential employers.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending JID services to anyone.

Mufleh Talouzi

I have been a gold member with JID for more than 4 years and I’m proud of it. JID has helped me format my resume to the highest standards available to attract the right employers and their recruitment consultants were quick in responding to my inquires. Thanks you JID and I definitely recommend you to jobs seekers.

Maria Granaderos

JID is highly recommended to all job seekers wishing to be employed worldwide. It will help you be employed with the best employers in the world. It will give you the step by step instructions on how to get your resume get noticed by employers. If it worked for me, surely it will also work to every aspirant in their wanting to be employed specifically in Dubai. JID helped me get the best employer.

Shiela Palomar

JID had a wide range of employment and the staff are so friendly and will help you to seek your placements. Thanks JID for all the support.

Abdul-aziz Muaz

You sure have a terrific and really personal customer care regime'. Simply put, you are great.

Amir Sheikh

I am Gold Member of JID, I am experienced and technically qualified Insurance professional. The way JID present our profile/snapshot to the employers is very impressive. JID always changes website to suit to the present scenario and to cater the needs of employer and employee. It's really kind of services everyone looks forward for either employer or job seeker. I appreciate the efforts and feedback given by the entire team of JID. I congratulate them and wish them all the success!

Rhonda Robinson

To anyone who is looking to reside and work in Dubai, I cannot recommend JID highly enough for their total dedication and helpful assistance to all their website patrons who, like myself, no little about working in Dubai but need guidance along the way. I have had so many questions that I needed answers to before and during my research into working in Dubai and the surrounding areas and found they gave me such a great insight to so many facets of the culture and working conditions that it has ma


JID has provided me with excellent assistance in guiding me through the career path and providing assistance in most of the applied job positions. As a gold member, I am satisfied that my resume has been formatted as per the Middle Eastern Layout which works in benefit for me and get me more exposure from employers. It's great to see there are providers out there that are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

Rashid Zamir

JID -Gold Member team is really a professional team, who are aware of the Dubai Market & employers as well as their particular demands. I thank JID - GM Career Counseling who guided me to make my CV strong in order to attract potential employers by watching closely the needs of the employees as well.

Mereoni Rosova

I registered with JID in late 2007 and was recently made a GM with the firm. I am always grateful for their professionalism towards their clients as I have observed. This firm continues to assist me with my queries and provides guided support in my quest to find employment in my capacity as a teacher. I thank them wholeheartedly for great work.

Mishkath Misbah

Being in Sri Lanka, I looking for a good and a reliable source to find jobs in UAE. Not only jobs, but career guidance and resume preparation as well. JID had all of it. Not only it my RESUME reached many top firms in the Middle East, but also trained JID staff advised on how to better present my profile to match the job category I was applying, I got all in one service. Being a Gold Member, I am enjoying individual attention to my profile.

I have recommended JID to many of my friends and

rashmi gupta

First, I would like to thank JID for their continuous support. Members of JID are very dedicated to help anyone who is planning to pursue a career in the UAE. JID's website is very elegant and very easy to use. They have many opportunities in various industries which provides a better selection that are of interest. JID is the way to go!

Donald Ocen

Thanks for your prompt reply. Appreciate your help and
Jobs in Dubai.com are doing a great service for the
people like us, who are interested to work in Dubai.

Once again thanking you in advance.

Adefunke Soremekun

There's a way JID makes you feel in your job search especially as a Gold member......important, cared for, and hopeful. I have been advertising and will continue to inform JID's services to all my loved ones. MORE POWER TO JID'S ELBOW.


I feel that I received a tremendous " value" from my JID Gold membership I appreciate your help & compliment you on a "job well done" …been great to work with… Thanks too for the guidance & direction and for having worked on my resume formatted to fit the Middle Eastern Layout and I know JID will eventually embark me on the success route to Dubai for my dream job.

alireza ainehchian

You find JID-Gold Membership team as a good friend. When you ask something they don't just answer the question, they advice you as a good friend. The staff guides you like a lightship in the ocean to find your way.

Suneth Hitihamu

I am a gold member and the few weeks that I am in association with Jobs In Dubai, I found that the service provided by the Jobs In Dubai to be of excellent standards. JID not only provides you prompt answers to your queries it also advises you on current job market trends.I would not hesitate recommending this site to anyone who needs proper career guidance. I take this opportunity to thank the JID team for the excellent support extended to me in my search for a job in Dubai.

Grant Muller

JID has a wide range of employment offerings and the Gold Membership staff are efficient and quick with attending to inquiries. The advice given in terms of CV content and format is very helpful. Thank you JID GM for your assistance.

Robert Reiss

I am a Romanian citizen. While browsing for jobs on the net, I came across Jobs In Dubai, which is a reputed company who provide jobs for people like me in the Gulf. I am really happy that I discovered jobsindubai.com because here I found a very professional customer service department, a site very well done and very user- friendly and over a 1000 world renowned companies registered with JID, who seek candidates from its database. I look forward to continue my membership with Jobs In Dubai for a

Navin Patel

Thanks to JID Team- they are marvelous professionals with prompt replyand very helping nature. Their valuable guidance is much appreciated to create professional profile required for gulf jobs. When question asked they advice like friends. JID website is also verysimple to use and having excellent information for Middle East region. I am Gold Member and would recommend JID to every one who thinks to move to Middle East for jobs.

nnaemeka okonkwo

I see JID to be the best recruitment service so far, because of the way they treat their members and assist them tirelessly in ensuring that they secure a life transforming job.most especially as a Gold member, I enjoy priviledges such as quick response to my enquiries, my resume is a top priority that is been forwarded to employers,unlike ordinary members and JID also formatted my resume according to Middle east format free.
i will advice people that are aspiring to secure a life


If someone had introduced me earlier to JID before now , my problem of job search would have been over.Staff of JID handles peoples problems as if it is theirs,send them mail today and they will reply you within thenext 36 hours with constructive ideas full of hope. Everyone that i introduce to their service always asked "howdid you came about them, their services arewonderful" . And if you are a GM they are really committed to make you happy.
I strongly believe with their kind of services I


As an MBBS Doctor and a Gold Member of The JID Team, just looking for "Offshore Oil & Rig Medic Job", I am really thankful to Dubai Inc from the inmost of my corefor its compassionate considerations and irretrograde co-operations to the candidates seeking for adventurouscareers and brighter futures ! Domiciled in India I am merelyat a blinks distance from my Target, The Offshore Oil & RigSector, due to the best support from Jobs In Dubai Inc , which is second to none in the World for pro

John Atick

I am satisfied and pleased to be a gold member and a part of this community. JID made it so easy and opened a wide opportunities for me to be able to find a career in the gulf countries.

abdallah noah

With jobs in Dubai gold membership it has given me much confidence and i have hope of getting a job through gold
membership in the Middle East with your assistance. With the Gold Membership, it enables my resume to be viewed
by prospective employers in time. 

fayad ahmed

Considering  my short experience with job finding sites I can assure that JID is one of the most organized sites ever.
The JID team are providing an outstanding and unique service to both the job seekers and the employers, the quality and the quantity is guaranteed with JID, as a member I feel that I have got a very advanced assistance and I have gained quite good knowledge about the market in the region as well.
JID is highly recommended by me as a

Balaji P

" I subscribed JID gold membership some time ago and found their services excellent. I liked the promptness of their replies for any queries that I raise makes me feel very comfortable. I should say the resume formatting service to attract the Dubai employers is awesome and gives utmost satisfaction that we are completely taken care of. By looking at all these, I feel that I should have joined JID long before to avail their excellent services. I am very sure that I would be placed in a safe and

Michael Anthony Loarca

I am very grateful to Jobs in Dubai for the help they have given me in my short time in being a member. Feedback is very important to me especially because this is my first time applying to U.A.E. All the expert advice with regards to upgrading my resume and advice on how to improve my profile to be attractive to potential employers. I hope that in the future this will translate to a great job in a beautiful place like Dubai.

Anand Narula

"I thank Jobsindubai for extending their support and services to me as a Gold member. Searching jobs was never so easy, Jobsindubai makes it simple for you by providing excellent support services. As a Gold member I even got the much needed resume formatting service free of charge. Highly recommended!"

James Benson Macarthy

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to JID for allowing me be on their list of job seeker, and above all for type of format made on my Resume which has made it so unique that any Employer to select me.
I only hope now that it will not only stop there but transform the Resume into reality of letting my dreams come through by getting the an Employer to work with. Hope to constantly be in touch with the team of JID.thanks a lot.

Sunil Subbaiah

Thank you JID for taking the extra step of formatting my resume in the Middle Eastern Layout. The services provided so far are good, as is, responses to my questions or concerns that I have and especially the formatting of the resume. This will definitely help me to get that extra exposure I need to get shortlisted for a job position and I know JID got my back. Thank you for your services.

Kalu Felix Dike

I am a Gold Member and very thankful to JID for their continuous support in helping me finding a job as well as assisting me in settling down in Dubai. Your services are excellent and highly recommendable. God bless you.

ibrahim khalid

I would like to congratulate and thank the JID team for their efforts to ensure the success and achievement of job seekers like me. Thank you for continuing to work on my profile and providing me the job position assistance, and replies to my inquiries. Your efforts are relentless and I am glad to have signed up with you.

usman badamasi

I see the JID as an actualiser of dreams.sourcing out candidates from the labour market and networking them with reputable organisations where they can impact positively towards lifting such organisations to greater height. This has actually raised much optimism in me that the JID would definitely make my dream a reality.
It has always been my dream to be a server from the pot of knowledge in the UAE and GCC countries as an instructor and I strongly believe that such opportunity woul

parijat guha

Thank You JID team for your professional approach.The amount of efforts that has been put forward by your team is commendable. thank you again for your support.

Mohammed Alamgir


Ayman Radwan

JID team. As gold member, I would like to thank you for your efforts in developing your site and services. It is friendly and easy accessed jobs date base which enable clear and full information about the vacancies with few seconds to apply for any post. Resume formatting and the news letters are efficient and helped me to sell myself in more marketable way.

Sylvester Enwere

Thanks for the Gold Membership status. I have gone through the mail regarding the benefits of the account and feel truly privileged. Navigation through the advertised job positions has been quite easy and user friendly too. Thanks for your quality customer service.

Gertrude Wafula

Once again thank you for the good work you are doing to assist us, me for one i have developed every positive attitude to you people and i am looking forward for the best from you in the near future.

Muhammed Nasir

Thank you JID and Team for all assistance and guidance to find out the better carrier options in middle east with a very easy way and with very cooperative, helpful and trust worthy team. Thank You once again i am recommending for JID to all of my friends, relatives and colleagues. Please post it with my snap shot on the portal and do inform me as you will done it please.

Tarell Murphy

I would Like to say thank you very much for your help on my resume grading. I would recommend anybody to this site. I really Appreciate the help I coouldnt have done it without your help. I really look forward in working in the beautiful Dubai.

Vassiliki Haralampidou

Jobs in Dubai, offers high quality and user friendly services. It's easy to use and support team members are always there to help when necessary. Above all, registered members of Jobs in Dubai can enjoy the elements of reliability and confidence, them being critical factors to whoever is looking for a job.

Salma Arif Hussain

I am oracle certified professional with strong background in computer programming.I am writing to thank JID for their admirable work, offering gold membership made the career search much faster and easier. Providing expert and friendly services for making my career move to Dubai and other places are appreciable. Now I feel that my money and job both are in safe hands. I will recommend JID to everyone those who are looking for job.

Stephen Siboe

 The GM service at JID is exemplary. I like the personal attention given and the resume formating service was a big plus for me. The support team is friendly and always there to provide timely service. With JID i know my dream of working in dubai is certainly achieved. Thanks for the good work keep it up! . For those not on JID "You are missing out a very great opportunity !


I would like to congratulate and thank the JID team for their commitment in ensuring customer satisfaction is achieved especially as a gold member. I look forward to a new placement in a very short time in a beautiful place like Dubai. I therefore recommend JID for job seekers.

Okunmoyinbo Adebayo

JID is the only surest and convenient recruitment service you can ever get, they give you 100% customer service and you are sure of getting an offer within 6months, thank you JID for helping me with a well tailored CV keep up with the good job.


Its been a long time since I have been looking for a company that provides its best and gives chances and challenges to their clients. JID is exceptional when it comes to their services. They outdo themselves in terms of service and in having resumes altered and upgraded. Thank you so much im reaally appreciated all your concerns. I wish JID all the more success in its near and far future.

Ahmed Bata

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me in making my CV more attractive to prospective employers, communicating with me continuously which helps me to understand what will be required from me in the middle eastern working environment and the efficiency with which you have assisted. It is greatly appreciated.

craig valentine

The support staff at JID have been nothing but polite and efficient when responding to any queries I have. I have found the site very easy to use and there is a wide variety of jobs available that are updated daily.

Binu Thazhe Veetil

I am thankful to JID for their best service, guidance and support to find a Job in UAE. The am impressed by the way JID's Support Team answer to the queries , I am sure i will get hired in a MNC very soon,

Augustine Tatus

I am very appreciative for the great assistance that I have and continued to receive from JID. As a Gold Member, they have been so very active in responding effectively to my enquiries and have formatted my resume to match the Middle East pattern. With my updated and well formateted CV, I am very confident in my search for employment in UAE. JID is recommended to all professional job seekers.

Once again, thanks for your exceptional job.

Augustine S. Tatus

Nduka Chukwuka

I am most appreciative for the great assistance I have received from Jobs in Dubai so far. As a Gold member, they have been so active in responding promptly to my enquiries and now have put together my resume in the Middle East pattern for free. With this I am very confident in my search for a professional career in Dubai. Jobs in Dubai is truly commendable.


This is what i learnt and experienced from this website.
1- user friendly
2- easy and simple to use
3- 100% feed back from JID support on all you queries
4- timely updates
5- registered large number of recognized companies of the world
And this is what a user need from a website.

Oktay Ismetov

I would like to use this opportunity to thank JID for the continuous support and 24/7 assistance. JID proved their professionalism and excellent service.
Why would you choose JID:

1.They're the biggest recruitment firm in Middle East.
2.They're true professionals dedicated to their work.
3.They provide huge opportunities for job seekers connecting them with various agencies and employers. It is the easiest way your CV will get the required attention and presented

ashwani sharma

I am a Gold Member and very thankful to JID for their continuous support in helping me finding a job as well as assisting me in settling down in Dubai. Your services are excellent and highly recommendable.I am really so keen to work in Dubai.