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Employer Testimonials

RAK Technical Management Consultancy

I would like to place on record that the time I got introduced to Jobs In Dubai (JID) till date, I feel like it is my own business family working for RAKTMC. The quality of service and timely responses are exemplary. The Dubai Office staff are very professional, polite, friendly and understand their Client's temperament.

I have been in constant touch with JID officials giving my advices to enhance their system to be more User Friendly and it's my pleasure that JID has accepted them and as I understand working on developments in their Canada office.

I am sure, their approach and the development of nexus between the Employer and Job Seekers will give them edge over other competitors.

I will have no hesitation in using JID again and again in the future and will always recommend JID to Job Seekers."

Ali Sarguro
Managing Director
RAK Technical Management Consultancy


It is a pleasure interacting with professional firm with professional people like you and JID team.

You along with your team does exactly give which I say in my words "5 Star Service" I do strongly recommend and suggest my colleagues and associates in other industries to use the services of Jobs In Dubai.

In a short period of time, you have well deserved, earned the name and fame which rightly goes for your excellent services. We wish JID Team all the Best for future endeavors and may it reach higher success of achievements.

With kind regards & good wishes"

O. S.
HR Manager - Lower Gulf
Axiom Telecom LLC

Mena Business Services

"Mena Business Services are totally satisfied with the services provided by Jobs in Dubai and are particularly impressed with the logic, professionalism and interactivity of the website.

We have been very impressed with quality of candidates we have received from this source and will continue to use Jobs in Dubai for our further recruitment needs."

Faisal Al-Wahaibi
General Manager.

Amanah xData

"By far, JID has done an excellent job in understanding our business and our recruitment needs. They do not only supply the best candidates the market has but are also very professional in the way they handle their customers. I commend them for being good at what they do."

Faisal Al-Wahaibi
General Manager.

LMG Group

"Dear JID, I found that "Jobs in Dubai" is really useful and I had the best appointment through your company. Thanks"

Usama M.
Finance Director
LMG Group

Gulf Computers

"I am writing to thank you for your excellent work. I am delighted with the professional and friendly service provided by JID and will have no hesitation using you again in the future and recommending you to any of my colleagues. I found the quality of service that I received from everyone to be far superior to any other agents that I dealt with"

Candidate Testimonials

Thank you for the phenomenal engine you have created for people like me to zero in on prospective Employers. It gives a comprehensive and user-friendly avenue to channel one's credentials with full knowledge that the effort will not go unnoticed. The anticipation of accomplishing the dream job is so real. This is the only site that gives the opportunity to monitor the application on a daily basis and keep yourself updated on the progress. Apart from all this, your personal attend.

Thank you Jobs In Dubai for all the assistance you have given me so far. It was instrumental in helping me put together a resume in the Middle Eastern Layout to attract potential employers.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending JID services to anyone.
Mohammad Siddiqui

I have been a gold member with JID for more than 4 years and I’m proud of it. JID has helped me format my resume to the highest standards available to attract the right employers and their recruitment consultants were quick in responding to my inquires. Thanks you JID and I definitely recommend you to jobs seekers.
Mufleh Talouzi

JID is highly recommended to all job seekers wishing to be employed worldwide. It will help you be employed with the best employers in the world. It will give you the step by step instructions on how to get your resume get noticed by employers. If it worked for me, surely it will also work to every aspirant in their wanting to be employed specifically in Dubai. JID helped me get the best employer.
Maria Granaderos

JID had a wide range of employment and the staff are so friendly and will help you to seek your placements. Thanks JID for all the support.
Shiela Palomar

You sure have a terrific and really personal customer care regime'. Simply put, you are great.
Abdul-aziz Muaz

I am experienced and technically qualified Insurance professional. The way JID present our profile/snapshot to the employers is very impressive. JID always changes website to suit to the present scenario and to cater the needs of employer and employee. It's really kind of services everyone looks forward for either employer or job seeker. I appreciate the efforts and feedback given by the entire team of JID. I congratulate them and wish them all the success!
Amir Sheikh

To anyone who is looking to reside and work in Dubai, I cannot recommend JID highly enough for their total dedication and helpful assistance to all their website patrons who, like myself, no little about working in Dubai but need guidance along the way. I have had so many questions that I needed answers to before and during my research into working in Dubai and the surrounding areas and found they gave me such a great insight to so many facets of the culture and working conditions that it has ma
Rhonda Robinson

JID has provided me with excellent assistance in guiding me through the career path and providing assistance in most of the applied job positions. As a gold member, I am satisfied that my resume has been formatted as per the Middle Eastern Layout which works in benefit for me and get me more exposure from employers. It's great to see there are providers out there that are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

JID -Gold Member team is really a professional team, who are aware of the Dubai Market & employers as well as their particular demands. I thank JID - GM Career Counseling who guided me to make my CV strong in order to attract potential employers by watching closely the needs of the employees as well.
Rashid Zamir

I registered with JID in late 2007 and was recently made a GM with the firm. I am always grateful for their professionalism towards their clients as I have observed. This firm continues to assist me with my queries and provides guided support in my quest to find employment in my capacity as a teacher. I thank them wholeheartedly for great work.
Mereoni Rosova

Being in Sri Lanka, I looking for a good and a reliable source to find jobs in UAE. Not only jobs, but career guidance and resume preparation as well. JID had all of it. Not only it my RESUME reached many top firms in the Middle East, but also trained JID staff advised on how to better present my profile to match the job category I was applying, I got all in one service. Being a Gold Member, I am enjoying individual attention to my profile.

I have recommended JID to many of my friends.
Mishkath Misbah

First, I would like to thank JID for their continuous support. Members of JID are very dedicated to help anyone who is planning to pursue a career in the UAE. JID's website is very elegant and very easy to use. They have many opportunities in various industries which provides a better selection that are of interest. JID is the way to go!
Rashmi Gupta

Thanks for your prompt reply. Appreciate your help and Jobs in are doing a great service for the people like us, who are interested to work in Dubai. Once again thanking you in advance.
Donald Ocen