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Job Description

Performance of all work of Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and social workers licenses from the Ministry of Health. (Transient, permanent licenses and verification licenses.)
Doing all the Administrative work of the residency permit for employee and renewing it.
Doing all the administrative work of all kinds of Visa (entrance, return and exit) and all performing of transferor.
Developing problem solving of the employee , performing good relationship between the employee and the management and improving the work environment.
Doing all the Administrative work of the drivers` licenses and also for cars.
Doing all the administrative work of licenses of the workers and cookers.
Writing and reviewing of the contracts of the entire employee either Saudians or foreigners.
Making all applications of the Saudi law and its rules and ministry decisions.
Follow up of all the hospital contracts against the individuals or companies.
Supervising the hospitality of both male and female hostels and facilitates their residency.
Reception of the new doctors and introduce the primary hostility.
Investigation of the adverse actions of the employee and recommended the appropriate punishment according to the laws and rules.
Supervising the hospital security and safety.
Head of the Evacuation team in the disaster Hospital team.
Supervising of all prevalence and salary administrative work.
Performance of all deduction and promotion works and all the additional works for the employee.
Follow up the job description of all hospital employees.
Making all administrative work of vacations, visits, entrance and return of the employees` families.

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