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Job Description

1. Head of Department responsibilities which includes managing the Registrars in the Unit, ensuring quality and safe patient care delivered, addressing inter-unit concerns and build professional relationships with clients.
2. Provides emergency care to assigned patients according to current, best evidence-based standards and in accordance to the medical facilitys policy and regulations.
3. Evaluates patients and records clinical findings and plans of care.
4. Observes the facilitys medical referral system whenever required; collaborates with other members of the health and administration team to ensure patient safety and quality treatment.
5. Participates in the review and planning activities relevant to emergency services offered by the facility.
6. Participates in the professional development and educational activities for the medical staff.
7. Participates in the conduct of clinical audits as per the clinical governance policy of the facility.
8. Active involvement in opportunities to promote the clinical services of the facility to the general public and the wider medical community of Dubai and the UAE.
9. Fulfils the professional requirements for the continuing maintenance of competences in all aspects of emergency medicine and continual improvement of clinical practice.
10. These responsibilities maybe shared with other specialities in the facility as required for efficient and effective implementation of the patients medical care plan.