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Job Description

1. Work in the agricultural industry to design structures, equipment, and processes.
2. Work in areas such as power systems and machinery design, structural and environmental engineering, and food and bioprocess engineering.
3. Develop ways to conserve soil and water.
4. Improve the processing and storage of agricultural products.
5. Perform extensive research and development.
6. Supervise production of machinery.
7. Specify functional requirements during development phase.
8. Integrate components into the final design.
9. Evaluate the effectiveness of the design and change if necessary.
10. Estimate cost, reliability, and safety.
11. Test products thoroughly for safety issues and defects.
12. Use computers extensively to produce and analyze designs.
13. Generate specifications for parts.
14. Control the efficiency of processes.
15. Supervise production of aerial vehicles.
16. Ensure designed systems function reliably and for a long time.
17. Use computer engineering programs.
18. Design performance upgrades as needed.
19. Design products to increase the production of farm products.
20. Design farmhouses, barns, and other shelters.
21. Plan sanitation, ventilation, and heating systems.
22. Create power machines used for tilling, fertilization, and harvesting.
23. Develop pesticide control products and machinery.
24. Design an electric power system.
25. Develop ways to use power for curing and drying crops.
26. Design irrigation, drainage, and flood control systems.