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Job Description

1. Create solutions to environmental problems.
2. Build upon existing solutions to make them better.
3. Conduct hazardous waste management studies.
4. Evaluate significance of hazards and determine proper disposal and management methods.
5. Advise on treatment and containment.
6. Develop regulations to prevent catastrophes.
7. Design municipal water supplies.
8. Create industrial wastewater treatment systems.
9. Perform on the environmental impact of construction projects.
10. Analyze scientific data.
11. Perform quality control checks and correct malfunctioning equipment.
12. Research and analyze proposed worldwide environmental projects using scientific data.
13. Study affects of acid rain, auto emissions, ozone depletion, and global warming and find solutions to these global problems.
14. Create regulations to protect wildlife.
15. Help clients comply with regulations.
16. Prevent environmental damage.
17. Participate in the cleanup of hazardous sites.
18. Advise federal, state, and local governments on the best ways to expand highways, create new towns and cities, and how to reuse and recycle waste.