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Job Description


1. To teach a foreign (or second) language to groups of no more than 25 adults. While reading,
writing and the study of grammar are necessarily part of the coursework, tutors will actively
encourage conversation in the classroom (through techniques such as paired activities, group work,
role-play, games, communicative activities and so on). While there is some formal assessment of
student competence, tutors have responsibility for what they do in class although the main language
points covered must fit into the overall, integrated programme for the particular language(s) they
teach. This programme would be agreed jointly by language tutors and the Departments Language
Programme Co-ordinators.
2. To set regular homework and return it promptly, in all cases offer students constructive feedback
on their work.
3. To conduct agreed oral and written assessments in line with requirements of the integrated
programme and with reference to the language co-ordinators
4. To efficiently administer the processing of assessments: to return written scripts and an accurate
list of results on time and in the manner advised by DACE, to the satisfaction of the external
5. To be involved in the updating of Intended Learning Outcomes and Self-Assessment Tests
6. To liaise with other language tutors when necessary
7. To meet deadlines and communicate with language co-ordinators when necessary