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A production engineers job is to apply principles of engineering, manufacturing technology and management science to the production process in order to make it as efficient as possible. The profession overlaps significantly with industrial and manufacturing engineering.

Production engineers ensure that the manufacturing process operates as smoothly as possible, reducing costly inefficiencies to a minimum. They are responsible for making sure that the manufacturing equipment is in good working order to make as much product as the marketplace dictates, with as little leftover scrap as possible.

Production engineers have a strong knowledge of the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish, as well as a working knowledge of the overall business needs and what customers need and expect. They work closely with business leaders, as well as employees involved in the manufacturing process, to identify and resolve potential problems that could lead to equipment failure. In addition, they are expected to implement cost-savings initiatives that remove non-value-added steps from the process, consequently saving time and money without impacting the quality of the finished product.