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Job Description

Salary: Minimum of $19,500 depending on the emlpoyees qualification and experience.
Years of Experience: Minimum of 5 years.
Oil companies and contractors are always in need of manpower for their West African projects, most of time for short time missions on a rotation basis.
Usually these missions doesnt stand longer that 2 years due to the fast turn over of expatriate staff.
The requested nationalities are various (Americans, british, french, italians, canadians, etc.) and mostly depend on the culture of the employing company.
Other nationalities are indians, pakistanese, chinese, filipinos, romanians due to their high level skills and lower cost of work.
Over 90% of the staff remains local from Top Management Positions to unskilled manpower.
The Employers are oil companies, contractors and subcontractors as well as manpower supply companies.

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