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Job Description

1. Applying the principles of science and technology to create aircraft, components and support equipment;
2. Researching and developing design specifications;
3. Undertaking systematic manufacturing, involving the assembly and modification of components;
4. Supervising the assembly of airframes and the installation of engines, instruments and other equipment;
5. Participating in flight test programmes to measure take-off distances, rate of climb, stall speeds, manoeuvrability and landing capacities;
6. Resolving issues that arise during the design, development and testing processes;
7. Maintaining aircraft for full operation including making regular inspections, maintenance and servicing;
8. Measuring and improving the performance of aircraft, components and systems;
9. Modifying designs to improve safety features or minimise fuel consumption and pollution;
10. Developing repair procedures as well as working out and managing schedules for repair and maintenance;
11. Investigating aircraft accidents;
12. Collating information, interpreting data and publishing the results of specific projects in technical report form;
13. Using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create designs and plans;
14. Storing paperwork for approved data (drawings, technical instructions, assessments and calculations);
15. Working with teams, suppliers, clients and managers to agree budgets, timescales and specifications;
16. Project managing, including scheduling resources and staff and managing budgets;
17. Communicating technical and regulatory advice to clients, teams, suppliers and other professionals within the aerospace industry and presenting data to groups and individuals.