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Job Description

1. Ensure compliance of company policies/procedures by all employees
2. Ensure operations are conducted to a high standard which meets or exceeds client requirements
3. Ensure proper quality control procedures are utilized
4. Effectively control costs
5. Active participation in operational and HSE issues and planning
6. Cooperate and communicate with client, permit agents, drill crew and recording crew to maximize efficiencies
7. Obtain approved variances
8. Communicate approved variances to all project personnel
9. Participate in the project start up meetings and ensure an absolute understanding of all topics discussed
10. Ensure that the organizational structure for the project is understood by all involved, including both DAS personnel and subcontractors
11. Ensure compliance with local, State and Federal regulation
12. Participate in the daily permit meetings and ensure an absolute understanding of all topics discussed
13. Ensure subordinates and subcontractors understand all Permit, DAS and Client requirements and communication channels
14. Ensure landowner, mineral owner and/or tenant instructions/stipulations have been passed on to the necessary crews and personnel
15. Process and QC data
16. Update maps
17. Supervise subordinates and subcontractors
18. Organize and coordinate the daily activities of subordinates and subcontractors
19. Schedule employee work breaks and rotations of assigned personnel
20. Order equipment and supplies and approve expenditures
21. Release crews and personnel from the project once operations have been completed to the satisfaction of the client
22. Completes all necessary paperwork
23. Maintenance, care and inventory of all assigned equipment
24. Ensure the office is kept clean and orderly
25. Complete daily production report and distribute to all applicable parties
26. Create and turn in weekly project summary to general manager
27. Inform General Manager of any problems and/or concerns
28. Active participation in all safety/tailgate meetings