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Job Description


1. Devise policies and procedures regarding areas such as business continuity planning, loss prevention and fraud prevention, and privacy.
2. Oversee and coordinate security efforts across the company, including information technology, human resources, communications, legal, facilities management and other groups.
3. Identify security initiatives and standards.
4. Oversee network of vendors and directors who secure the company's assets.
5. Oversee safeguarding of intellectual property and computer systems.
6. Develop procedures to ensure physical safety of employees and visitors.
7. Manage the development and implementation of global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures.
8. Ensure security is maintained and updated.
9. Create workplace violence awareness and prevention programs.
10. Implement video surveillance.
11. Prioritize security initiatives.
12. Develop network access and monitoring policies.
13. Maintain relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement and other related government agencies.
14. Develop emergency procedures and incident responses.
15. Investigate security breaches.
16. Implement disciplinary procedures.
17. Conduct audits to find holes in security platform.
18. Develop risk management assessments.
19. Create global security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security.