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Job Description

Mining Engineer

1. Assessing the commercial viability of new mining ventures;
2. Undertaking feasibility studies;
3. Modelling or designing potential mine sites;
4. Preparing plans for mines, for example tunnels and shafts for underground mines;
5. Working with specialist software to support planning programmes;
6. Overseeing major construction projects and ensuring that operations run smoothly;
7. Monitoring activities underground;
8. Overseeing staff activities, either in one site section or throughout an entire mine;
9. Ensuring the safety of mining equipment and assessing mine equipment supplies;
10. Establishing extraction systems;
11. Overseeing the health and safety of the site, particularly in relation to issues such as ventilation;
12. Planning for transition from surface to underground mining operations;
13. Providing consultancy and advice on mining and mineral extraction projects;
14. Filling in disused mine shafts;
15. Reclaiming mine sites;
16. Managing monthly budgets and keeping detailed records.