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Job Description

1. Selecting the best combination of materials for specific purposes;
2. Testing materials to assess how resistant they are to heat, corrosion or chemical attack;
3. Analysing data using computer modelling software;
4. Assessing materials for specific qualities (such as electrical conductivity, durability, renewability);
5. Developing prototypes;
6. Considering the implications for waste and other environmental pollution issues of any product or process;
7. Advising on the adaptability of a plant to new processes and materials;
8. Working to solve problems arising during the manufacturing process or with the finished product, such as those caused by daily wear and tear or a change of environment.
9. Supervising quality control throughout the construction and production process;
10. Monitoring plant conditions and material reactions during use;
11. Helping to ensure that products comply with national and international legal and quality standards;
12. Advising on inspection, maintenance and repair procedures;
13. Liaising with colleagues in manufacturing, technical and scientific support, purchasing, and marketing;
14. Supervising the work of materials engineering technicians and other staff;
15. Considering the costs implications of materials used and alternatives, in terms of both time and money;
16. Taking account of energy usage in manufacturing and in-service energy saving, e.g. in transport and construction applications.