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Job Description

Manager, Service Delivery

Service Delivery Manager

Service Delivery Managers adhere to TeleTech key performance objectives, indicators, metrics, and ratios ensuring maximum team performance. Manage the fiscal activities of operations as well as focus on and support revenue generation and assurance from sales, financial management, and incentives. Support site/client ramps, reporting, and manage day‐to‐day operations of their team to include operational metrics such as absenteeism, attrition, in‐chair occupancy, reliability, schedule adherence, escalations, and payroll. Provide coaching and development for teams across multiple locations supporting metrics such as billable hours and client satisfaction scores. Use influence to achieve peak performance, conversion rates, and monthly sales and revenue targets. Utilize systems and procedures to improve the operating quality and efficiency of the operations. Work daily to improve processes and performance that enhance bottom line results. Work closely with business partners and clients to resolve all related issues. Improve efficiency and accuracy of business process; create and implement process improvements. Manage the staff in accordance with company policies, procedures, and client metrics. Managers are responsible for the engagement and development of their teams, communicating and affirming directives, and coaching action plans. Managers create and maintain a positive work environment.

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