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Job Description

Supervisor, Learning & Development

Learning and Leadership Development Training Supervisor Performance Profile (Job code 23110) 1
Learning and Leadership Development Training Supervisor
Learning and Leadership Development (L&LD) Training Supervisors are responsible for a training teams performance, development, mentoring, and coaching to meet and continuously improve both TeleTech and client metrics. L&LD Training Supervisors focus on providing coaching, motivation and support to enhance the engagement and success of their team of training specialists in attaining targets and goals. L&LD Training Supervisors hold their team accountable for meeting all performance indicators/metrics using reporting tools and techniques specific to the training and client. L&LD Training Supervisors oversee and ensure completion of trainings for new hires and all applicable client trainings. They lead their staff in accordance with policies and procedures of TeleTech. Evaluate trainers, curriculum and processes. Recommend and coordinate needed changes based on process analysis. They are responsible for meeting team productivity and quality goals. Communicate with managers and other Team Leads.
Key Performance Objectives
1. Achieve 100% of training completion goals. This includes new hire and all applicable client trainings. Actively implement strategies and initiatives to enable the business to achieve its objectives. Communicate the core strategy and training goals to the team. Establish metrics for success, set clear daily priorities, and drive the team to meet training goals. Understand the key business objectives, timeframes, and requirements associated with each training goal. (Strategic planning, project management, results orientation, business acumen, strategic thinking, enthusiasm)

2. Manage day-to-day operations, processes, and reporting. Provide leadership, engagement, performance management, communication and development of direct reports. Schedule and coordinate new hires trainings and client trainings. Schedule and conduct regular staff meetings. Available for teams questions, issues. Ensure resolution of issues. Responsible for staff attendance, reliability, and schedule adherence. Responsible for reporting on training completion to a client and internal stakeholders. (Teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, accountability, people skills, results orientation, relationship building)

3. Improve the key success metrics associated with training goals. These include:
Associate Performance 30 days post-training
Training Attrition
Training Satisfaction

Gather information, analyze data, observe trainings, and lead the effort to consistently improve each training and performance. This includes challenging every aspect of the processes. Measure attrition and absenteeism in new hire and client training classes and analyze the data. Achieve shrinkage goals by analyzing monthly shrinkage data. Make recommendations based on analysis. Recommended changes must be monitored and measured to ensure bottom-line Learning and Leadership Development Training Supervisor Performance Profile (Job code 23110) 2
impact to the process. (Data analysis, time management, problem solving, strategic thinking, achievement motivation)
4. Deliver excellent customer service and communication. Regular communication with the client and/or other organization stakeholders, getting updates on training requirements, time frames, and following up with training team to ensure compliance. Respond to all issues as appropriate. Maintain a positive, respectful and caring attitude. Communicate problems clearly and collaborate with training team and client that issues will be resolved quickly with a minimum of long term impact. Proactively share all issues with managers and other team leads as needed. Take personal responsibility for problems and solutions. (Communication, customer focus, helpful, conflict resolution, take ownership, enthusiasm)

5. Develop, coach, support, and evaluate the team. Responsible for development of training team as well as new hires. Establish realistic training goals and performance objectives. Provide feedback to staff. Hold team accountable for meeting all performance indicators/metrics, using reporting tools and techniques. Coach and provide career development advice to staff. (Coaching, achievement motivation, influence, communication, mentor, judgment, accountability)

6. Ensure team has tools, systems, and support needed to perform trainings. Escalate system level issues to the appropriate systems/IT support/ vendor team. Clearly identify all system-level errors including the scope of problems and relative urgency. Provide clear documentation of problems via e-mail or ticketing system to the appropriate team. Ensure that problems have been addressed. Coordinate and communicate with other departments to ensure the completion of trainings. (Problem solving, system troubleshooting, communication, reporting, attention to detail)

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