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Job Description

Manager, Workforce Management

Workforce Management Manager

Workforce Management (WFM) Managers supervise the operational and fiscal activities of the Workforce Management department. They ensure accuracy of billing processes and procedures for all clients within the site. WFM Managers identify and report on account profitability opportunities and recommend strategies to improve processes. They maintain focus on operational effectiveness of the center and ensure that client requirements, service levels, and expectations are met. WFM Managers are held accountable for schedule adherence, service level, and absenteeism. They forecast and prepare for call volume, as well as monitor and report on in chair occupancy, average call handle time and other components of the overall work flow. WFM Managers may be directly involved in preparing plans and meeting with prospective clients. They develop and lead WFM team. WFM Managers oversee all aspects of the delivery of workforce management. Work daily to improve processes and performance that enhance bottom line results. Work closely with business partners and clients to resolve all related staffing and scheduling issues. Improve efficiency and accuracy of business process; create and implements process improvements. Manage the staff in accordance with company policies, procedures, and client service level metrics and expectations. Responsible for team engagement, leadership, performance management, coaching and talent development. WFM Managers adhere to TeleTech key performance objectives, indicators, metrics, and ratios ensuring maximum team performance. Create and maintain a positive work environment.

Key Performance Objectives
1. Achieve 100% accuracy and speed of delivery requirements. WFM Managers implement scheduling strategies and initiatives to enable the business to achieve its objectives. Communicate the core strategy and goals to the WFM team. Establish metrics for success, set clear daily staffing and scheduling priorities, and drive the team to meet goals. Understand the key business objectives, timeframes, and requirements associated with each workforce management goal. WFM Managers are expected to report daily center metrics on all projects, teams and associates performance to business partners. (Strategic thinking, project management, results orientation, business acumen, enthusiasm)
2. Manage day-to-day operations and deliverables. WFM Managers are responsible for keeping the forecasts updated considering variables that are not controllable. Ensure that WFM procedures are followed by WFM team. Deliver timely and efficient solutions to all workforce related requests. Employ effective organizational and time-management skills to deliver solutions to routine and emergency requests and general needs within established timelines. Ensure the WFM team is deployed/scheduled to meet site operational needs. Manage problem resolution as needed. Determine appropriate use of resources to meet goals and schedules. Manage regular preparation of relevant workforce management reports. (Problem solving, attention to detail, can-do attitude, persuasion and influence)
3. Improve the key success metrics associated with workforce management goals. These include: In-chair occupancy (IOCC %) and phone occupancy (POCC %) management Achieve client service level objectives Manage real time team to goals and objectives Ensure ongoing and clear communication between operations and client teams
WFM Managers gather information, analyze data, observe the WFM process, and lead the effort to consistently improve each workforce process and performance. This includes challenging every aspect of the processes. Recommended changes must be monitored and measured to ensure bottom-line impact to the process. (Data analysis, customer focus, ROI calculations, persuasion, problem solving, strategic thinking, achievement motivation)
4. Actively manage the staff, support, motivate and retain an outstanding WFM team. WFM Managers are responsible for mentoring, training, evaluating, and developing the WFM staff. Provide support, information and assistance. Help the staff to set realistic and measurable staffing and scheduling goals, and develop appropriate reward program as needed. Take responsibility for motivating and retaining an outstanding team. Provide coaching and development opportunities, and address performance issues as appropriate. Monitor progress towards goals to ensure client expectations and requirements are met. (Leadership, staff development, accountability, coaching, interviewing, motivation, resourcefulness, integrity)
5. Manage the communication. Maintain a positive, respectful and caring attitude. Communicate problems clearly and collaborate with business partners to ensure that workforce issues will be resolved quickly with a minimum long term impact. Offer clear and objective alternatives and work with the team to help implement solutions. Identify and communicate any potential staffing and scheduling problems or challenges as they surface. Communicate changes in priorities and direction of the goal or project to the staff. Provide robust, clear, and continual reporting to business partners. (Team work and collaboration, fairness, follow through, engagement, honesty, openness, directness, timeliness)
6. Escalate system level issues to the appropriate systems/IT support/vendor team. Clearly identify all system level errors including the scope of problems and relative urgency. Provide clear documentation of problems via email or ticketing system to the appropriate team. Answer questions and assist in isolating the root cause of problems and testing solutions to ensure problems have been addressed. (Systems troubleshooting, sense of urgency, timeliness, analysis and problem solving)
7. Ensure compliance with TeleTechs processes and tools, system changes. Ensure compliance with TeleTechs internal policies and procedures and client requirements and expectations to prevent and/or minimize potential issues. Responsible for continuous improvement in the overall WFM processes. Provide immediate and direct feedback to the team to ensure full compliance with client and TeleTech requirements. Provide specific training and constructive feedback on all aspects of the process. Maintain confidentiality of sensitive data (Process understanding, attention to detail, process improvement, timeliness, accountability, judgment)

Basic Qualifications
Strong understanding of TeleTechs business, core values, and goals
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Ability to manage multiple, complex, on-going tasks and projects
Ability to lead and partner successfully with staff and chain of command
Proficient English, both written and verbal
Great interpersonal skills
Strong attention to detail and desire to optimize procedures
Proficient statistical analysis, computer, and software skills
Open, honest, and empathetic manner when dealing with people
Strong attention to detail and desire to follow procedures
High customer service orientation
Working knowledge of database applications such as MS Office(Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), or ability to learn technology quickly
High level of integrity, honesty, and judgment
Reporting proficiency
Action Planning
Strong coaching skills

Preferred Qualifications
Knowledge of call center business
Call center experience
Six Sigma certifications

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