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Job Description

Communications Specialist

Position Summary

This role will be responsible for planning and coordinating dealer and other external communications for Henry Ford Academy using various channels. This role has the primary responsibility for the design and delivery of integrated Academy Engagement Plan which includes communications, promotions and the development of the Academy as a membership service.

Job Responsibilities:
* Create, implement and own the Henry Ford Academy Engagement Plan Marketing Plan to promote Training events
* Develop creative communications to engage all stakeholders in the work of the Academy
* Develop the Academy Membership model as a route to building strong commitment from dealer network with the Academy
* Work with partners such as GoThinkBig and Ford Masters Apprenticeships to forge stronger links and working relationships to promote opportunities
* Ensure effective internal communication. Working with the leadership team to share key messages, events and training programmes with the team
* Maintain and develop the Academy presence on all online channels, including the Ford Dealer Portal and Excellence
* Plan and manage the Academy transition to digital communications, including channel development, creative design, content and contacts.
* Create effective written communication to promote the Academy, events and products
* Promote the Academy curriculum and events

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