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Job Description

Clients will actually be responsible for the cost of processing of their working documents such as Working and Residential permit due to logistic reasons.
Expenses incurred, in respect to the procurement of your working and residential permit must be substantiated with receipt and this should be forwarded to me for later reinembursement after 7 days of procurement.
You are to receive the hard copies of the contract terms and agreement and also your working and residential permit altogether, it will be delivered through diplomatic courier services to your various designated addresses respectively. Contract terms and conditions will be sent on demand.

Job Title: Engineering/ Building Ground Maintenances Services
Description: You will serve as an expatriate consultant on Engineering/ Building Ground Maintenaces Services for supervising contractors with the mandate to carry out linepipe coating for the project linepipe/ concrete coating for the diameter (24 inches or greater) line pipe and also pipeline/ concrete coating for long (25km or greater) pipeline, who also have the capability of pipeline/ concrete coating of 40 inches linepipe and the capacity to coat up to 100km of such linepipe within six(6) months.
Scope of Work:
1, To execute a job for pipeline/ concrete coating of 400 inches diameter linepipe of up to approximately 100km lenght.
2, To apply a three layer polythethylene pipeline/ concrete coating system to the exterior of the linepipe.
3, To optionally coat approximately 60km of 40 inches diameter linepipe for the project.
The contract terms will be well stated and expanciated by the agency in the hard copies that will be forwarded to you through courier services.