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Job Description


To be recognized as a global specialist in offering flexible and life essential tools such as English, Professional and Mandarin Training.
Focusing on the clients need to learn without distraction.
To give time-effective, and therefore cost effective solutions to all of our training and language customers.

Our consultants are very varied. Some of them work for UKTraLan full time, some part time and some work for us to complement their earnings as an addition to another full time job.
Our consultants are usually, but not always involved in training and education or have experience in this sector. Most of our consultants are actually from the country we are operating in. In Brasil we have Brazilian consultants, in Chile, we have Chileans. We also have some native English consultants who work in the area we would like representation.
As it says in the title, we operate a commission based system. We pay commission on closed sales. We have over 50 courses to offer, and the commission rates run from 7.5% to 15% of the course value, depending on the type of course retained by the client.

The key objective is to guide the potential client through a series of mainly open questions to gather as much information as possible about their needs.
A proposal prepared jointly with UKTraLan head office is prepared and the consultant must present this to the customer.
The end objective is to give the right solution to the customer and get them to agree to that solution and choose UKTraLan as their education and training partner.
Two weeks before the student/s begin their course they must be presented with their personal dossier as prepared by UKTraLan head office. This personalized document clearly defines the entire contracted products and services including all logistics such as travel to the UK and includes maps, directions and instructions. It also contains all the original documentation pertaining to all the products and services contracted.

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