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Job Description

- Document Sorting:Sorting all documents to streamline and organize the old records in a logical manner to make the accessibility more efficient.
- Indexing:Develop and implement right indexing policy according to the organization
- Scanning:Effective use of technology and resources to scan large number of documents which can be accessed electronically/quickly to facilitate improved customer service and reduce storage cost for clients and documents remain readily accessible both in physical and digital forms.
- Digital Storage: Maintain the secure process of storing the digital archives of organizations so that clients do not have to invest heavily in the infrastructure.
- Web Based Document Retrieval: Effective utilization of international standards software for the retrieval of sorted, indexed and scanned documents.
- Physical Storage: Physically store all the clients documents using bar-code and as well as to the designated shelf and rack.
- Physical Retrieval: By using the proper retrieval process physically retrieves of records from stored documents.
- Administrative Duties: Perform administrative duties (Generating registers Extracting data & documents) and also performs data entry to produces logs, transmittable and other reports.
- Housekeeping: Perform regular housekeeping on all project documents (hard copy, electronic and work area)
- Customer Inquiries: Respond to customers inquires and conduct follow-up on customers concerns or questions.

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