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Job Description

Assists the sales team by setting monthly goals. Takes the team lead to meet sales goals as provided by upper management. Acts as a liaison between various branches of the company and customers. Provides valuable feedback to management to make sure that consumers are satisfied with the product.

Sales Coordinator Job Duties:

Produces reports based on the sales of employees in the sales department
Meets with people in other departments to help promote product
Trains new employees to make sure they meet various guidelines
Creates new and innovative ideas to sell product
Responds to any inquiries from the consumer
Evaluates the performance of salespeople
Hires and fires sales team members when necessary
Reads and evaluates sales reports
Meets monthly sales goals as provided by management
Makes sure that sales orders are delivered in a timely fashion and according to the desires of customers
Settles upon delivery dates and times with other departments to make sure that the consumer interaction is of the utmost of professionalism
Makes presentations to management which explain how to meet sales goals and talk about any new innovative ideas that management may have
Has the ability to read any and all financial documents, especially cash flow statements and general ledgers
Assists the marketing department in new marketing campaigns
Makes sales goals and assists other members of the sales department in meeting them
Sales Coordinator Skills and Qualifications:

Time-Oriented, People Person, Great Written and Verbal Communication, Financial Analysis, Sales, Product Knowledge, Consumer Relations, Travel, Industry Knowledge, Sales Strategies, Advertising