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Job Description

A fast growing media channel is currently looking for a hardworking and well experienced Television Director in media field with the following requirements:
Additional Requirements:

Job Summary
Translating the program''''''''s script into images and sounds on the screen and working on how to achieve this through film and television production in a manner that keeps pace with developments and information data.
The ability to move the production process and rehearsals and the performance of actors and broadcasters and guests of the episodes requirements:
Experience in the operation of output devices and types of cameras
Manage the technical aspects of photography including camera, sound, lighting and design
Understand the process of making entire tv programs, from the technical and editorial point of view.
Experience of at least 5 years in the same field of work preferably
Preferably residing in UAE
Ability to work from morning to evening as required by the need for work.
Execution of orders regarding external and internal output
Exceptional technical vision and innovative creative skills
Has a commitment to work and has a deep passion for a distinctive television industry
Strong and confident leadership to inspire and motivate the team
Work intensively for long hours and pay attention to detail
Competent English and Arabic communication both in written and speaking
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