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Job Description

o Observing and recording patientsí behaviour.
o Coordinating with physicians and other healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating customized care plans.
o In order to provide emotional and psychological support to the patients and their families, RNs create harmonious environment.
o Diagnosing the disease by analyzing patientís symptoms and taking required actions for his/her recovery.
o Maintaining reports of patientsí medical histories, and monitoring changes in their condition.
o Carrying out the requisite treatments and medications.
o Checking the stock on a regular basis for maintaining the inventory level, and placing orders if required.
o Changing patientís medication as indicated by their conditions and responses.
o Adhering with the protocols, norms, rules and regulations in order to maintain complete medical records.
o Maintaining hygienic and safe working environment in compliance with the healthcare procedures.
o Conducting research for improving the nursing practices and healthcare outcomes.
o Providing instant care during medical emergencies, like car accidents, burns, heart attacks and strokes.
o Discussing treatment with pharmacists and physicians in the critical cases.
o Providing necessary guidance on health maintenance and disease prevention.
o Keeping an eye on each and every aspect of patient care that includes physical activity plus proper diet.