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Job Description

To abide by the mission statement of the hotel, and of the department. 2. To ensure smooth and efficient operation of the telephone exchange. 3. To keep the work area neat and tidy. 4. To be polite, courteous, alert and helpful at all times. 5. To answer a call within three rings. 6. To attend all incoming/outgoing calls with accuracy and courtesy. 7. To observe instructions if any, from a guest before connecting the call. 8. To ensure that calls are properly connected. 9. To be polite and patient while talking to a guest. 10. To know extensions of all staff and executives along with their designations. 11. To know names of all restaurants, their timings and types of cuisines served. 12. To have knowledge about the workings of different department and their locations. 13. To read the instructions book, Banquet function list, Chambers function list daily.


Posted By Taj Dubai