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Job Description

Conduct telehealth consultations with patients, assessing their health concerns and medical history. Provide accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Prescribe medications, if necessary, and advise on follow-up care. Offer compassionate and patient-centered care during telehealth consultations. Address patient questions, concerns, and provide education on health and wellness. Utilize telehealth platforms to conduct remote patient visits. Ensure the secure and confidential handling of patient information. Maintain detailed and accurate electronic health records (EHR) for each patient encounter. Complete all necessary documentation and compliance requirements. Stay updated on telehealth best practices, medical guidelines, and industry advancements. Answer patient inquiries, addressing their medical concerns and questions and provide medical guidance using our digital medical platform Efficiently schedule and manage patient appointments and booking other services like lab, diagnostics etc. using digital tools and software. Utilize the digital medical platform's features and functionalities for all operations. Articulate the value and benefits of our digital medical platform to potential clients like Insurance companies, Brokers, TPA’s and corporate houses. Foster long-term relationships with clients to ensure satisfaction and repeat business. Use market insights to develop strategies that will enhance the digital medical platform's competitiveness. Ensure compliance with all medical and ethical guidelines. Handle patient data and medical information with the highest level of confidentiality and security.

Posted By Raj Singh