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Job Description

Job Description
Class Teacher

1) Ensure student safety at all times - in the classroom, gym, pool, workshop and kitchen, as well as while on outings.

2) Prepare a full class inventory at the beginning and end of the academic year.

3) Work in partnership relationship, yet one that encourages leadership, with the classroom assistant on:
? Instruction and lesson plan preparation
? Year End Reports
? Home Visits
? Class management
? Professional conduct
? Behavior modification

4) Prepare IEP for each student that includes:
? Present level of functioning
? Annual Goals
? Short-Term Goals
? Regular graphing of progress

5) Attend a Home Visit prior to the completion of the first term and prepare professional documentation including recommendations for each student.

6) Ensure that the recommendations are followed up.

7) Follow the center,s base curriculum of the program in which the class is a part:
? Nursery
? Academic
? Pre-Vocational

8) Prepare a daily plan in the classroom for each student.

9) Prepare a monthly lesson plan following the central theme.

10) Prepare the exterior bulletin board aligning the décor with the monthly theme.

11) Prepare workload for each student prior to the start of the day or immediately after, not during class time.

12) Ensure that the art requisition and ideas are submitted to art teacher prior to lesson plan deadline.
13) Ensure that volunteers are comfortable and never left alone with the students.
14) Follow the procedure for outings (requisition form) and on outings ensure that there is enough help to protect the safety of the students.

15) Once a month, during assembly, each teacher is responsible to perform songs or a small drama.

16) Teachers are required to put in extra time during extracurricular activities that promote the center.

17) Teachers are required to join at least two committees and participate fully within the committee.

18) Teachers are required to communicate daily with the families through the use of the communication book.

19) Homework should always be sent in moderation for all students.

20) All teachers are required to help out during the concerts Team work is important.

21) The teachers should be well versed with the policy and procedures of the center and follow them accordingly. I.e. dress code, timings, etc.

22) Confidentiality is of the utmost importance concerning the students and personal information concerning staff, i.e. salaries, etc.

23) Teachers are required to attend In-Service Training Sessions (as posted).

24) It is the teacher's responsibility to schedule and meet with each students therapy team as required.

25) Toiletting requirements and accidents are the teacher’s responsibility to manage ; however the housekeeping staff will help out on occasion.

26) It is pertinent that the classrooms are kept neat and tidy. The students learn by example and clutter creates a confusing environment that hinders learning.

27) It is important that the teachers remain professional at all times, in all interations with their students, colleagues and parents.

28) It is a teachers responsibility to report and misconduct of inappropriate behavior that violates our policy concerning the students.

29) Although committees have been assigned, it is important that teachers replace books and toys back into their appropriate places wherever possible.

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