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Job Description

- Develop safety procedures to be employed by workers operating equipment or working in close proximity to on-going chemical reactions.
- Determine most effective arrangement of operations, such as mixing, crushing, heat transfer, distillation, and drying.
- Prepare estimate of production costs and production progress reports for management.
- Direct activities of workers who operate or who are engaged in constructing and improving absorption, evaporation, or electromagnetic equipment.
- Perform laboratory studies of steps in manufacture of new product and test proposed process in small scale operation (pilot plant).
- Develop processes to separate components of liquids or gases or generate electrical currents, using controlled chemical processes.
- Conduct research to develop new and improved chemical manufacturing processes.
- Design measurement and control systems for chemical plants based on data collected in laboratory experiments and in pilot plant operations.
- Design and plan layout of equipment.
- Perform tests throughout stages of production to determine degree of control over variables, including temperature, density, specific gravity, and pressure.