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Job Description

1. To Develop, Incorporate, Manage and maintain a co-operate Health and Safety program.
2. To train, assist and promote the corporate HSE system throughout the organization.
3. To maintain and report compliance to all statutory HSE regulations.
4. To assist and promote good health, safety, and environmental practices in accordance with
5. the local regulations and any other necessary jurisdictions among the Burt Hill workplace,
both the main office and the site offices, and the Burt Hill staff.
6. To Monitor and control all HSE engineers activities on project work faces.
7. To review and advise on all aspects of contractor provided HSE work plans and manuals.
8. To review and advise on both cooperate and construction related activities and logistics.
9. To Maintain auditable records of compliance, failure and action of both Corporate and site
related HSE.
10. To maintain the statutory involvement and advise on failings or issues related to design during
the integrated design process.
11. To report directly with the Head of construction on developing strategies and costs, to advise
on budgets and billing plans.
12. To maintain a strict level of compliance, appearance and professionalism amongst Burt Hills
13. safety engineers and encourage growth and improvement on both cooperate level and site
14. Ensure all safety housekeeping and training that applies to the head office also occurs at all
site offices for Burt Hill staff.
15. Ensure all Burt Hill staff have attended necessary safety inductions at site and are provided the
necessary equipment. Groups visiting sites or first time visitors are to await instruction or
16. Ensure necessary training occurs of Burt Hill site and office staff to recognize the necessary
safety violations in regards to our contract agreement on any given project.
17. If necessary, meeting with Clients, Project Management groups, and Contractor to ensure
18. proper safety measures are in place and are correctly being administered, recorded and
19. Be on call for any emergencies that might occur on in the office work place or site and be
present as required.
20. Manage all Burt Hill safety staff which might be present on site.
21. Protect and ensure compliance of Burt Hills contractual and Authority requirements in terms
of health, environment, and safety.
22. As necessary, review and comment on construction documentation related to health,
23. As necessary, review and comment on site logistic plans and corresponding documentation.
24. Maintain auditable records of all Burt Hill HSE activities and ensure adequate training of all
staff as required to maintain compliance with audit requirements.